The history of the castle

It is in 1925 that my great-grandfather Antonio Subra, originally from Spainbuys the first lands and starts with his children, Antoine and Daniel, a farm.


Over the years, the vegetable growing and cattle breeding disappear for the benefit of the vines. This is the birth of the Château du Garde which, through the 5 generations, will expand.


In 2009, It’s me, the great-grandson  Jean-benoit Subra, who takes over the family estate . I made studies  in the the vine growing and develop, at the property, new techniques that I’ve learned during my trips abroad and from my own experience.


We say that a good wine grower is always unsatisfied because we are always looking  for perfection and originality, so my work continues from year to year, for your own satisfaction and also mine because, let’s not deny it, a happy wine grower is  one that makes you happy.
In 2014, the property acquires a new wine storehouse and a new brand: Château Rauzé Lafargue, of which the first elixir came out in 2015.


The estate is, nowadays, 39 hectares in the appellation’s area of Bordeaux and Côtes de Bordeaux. This development was possible thanks to the family’s assistance.


I deeply thank Jean-François and Chantal my parents , Didier and Marie-Thérèse, Jérôme and Eugénie, Thomas, Jane my live-in girlfriend, and my friends.

Thanks to your support, the Château du Garde makes great wines from Bordeaux and the next ones might be, who knows, some day, superstars from the Bordeaux region… ∗∗∗