Initiation to tasting

The best introduction to wine tasting

Wine tasting is an art that the team at the Bordeaux family farm, Le Château de Garde, masters better than anyone.
Come take an introduction to wine tasting for a day or even a weekend in one of the most beautiful and vast wine estates of Cénac,
in this extraordinary region. Professionals with years of experience in the sector will be there to teach you how to taste wine properly.
They will help you learn good practices, understand the concepts of grape varieties, correctly carry out a sensory analysis and all this in order to
better appreciate the wine. You will otherwise discover the local wine products and the know-how to produce the best wines of the Gironde.
Through an exceptional and splendid Bordeaux wine route, you will indulge in wine initiations to better understand the world of wine.
You can even combine wine and gastronomy. The tasting sessions at Château du Garde are also an opportunity to escape to a lush place
where the beauty of nature is still intact.



*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation

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